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Office Hours

Office Hours

I don't know what it is about office hours, but no one is usually motivated to go to them.  The professor usually offers to hold one hour sessions each week for students.  However, no one realizes that Office Hours are not only quintessensial to aiding in your understanding of classroom material, but it's also an opportunity to network with your professors.  Today you might say, I don't want to go to graduate school.  I've been through too much school already.  Yet when you start to get ready to graduate, you finally realize something.  Shit, I think I want to go to graduate school.

That's is when you feel like a little child, alone, waiting for someone to pick you up.  At that point you wish someone would have told you sooner.  "Maybe I should have said hello to my professor a little more or maybe I should have sat in the front more often and asked questions."  But now its too late (sort of).  I mean, if you wanted to go to graduate school, you could make it happen.  However, the decisions you make now could essentially limit your options.  

Tips at the office hour!!!

1. Don't go alone your first time.  Never go to see a professor if you are intimidated or worried.  For the most part, all professors are usually easy to talk to.  However, if you haven't been doing your reading it can be a little nerve wrecking to ask questions.

2. Always have questions or some subject matter to discuss.  Some professors might be really busy even though they dedicate an hour of their time to their students.  You want to make sure you can have a conversation continue.

3. Ask about their research?  Ask why they went to graduate school?  Tell them I'm kind of interested, but am not sure what I'm really interested in.  Professors are understanding people--although they might be very smart too.

4.  Let professors know you care about the course.  You should be communicating with them enough to the point that they remember your name.  I can't express enough, but professors will usually never extend the olive branch.  You have to make some effort and they'll try to meet you half-way.  If you ask questions in class and you seem interested in the material, you might be surprised when the professor calls you by name.  The funny thing is, you never told him or her what your name was. (It happened to me)