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Class Website

Class Website

Access Old Class Website

Before you step into your class, you might want to do some sleuthing around and learn a little bit about your enemy, I mean teacher.  Here are a few tips and guidelines:

1. Go to ratemyprofessor.com and learn more about your professor there. Hopefully there will be information available on your target to give you a heads up on what they are like.  Remember, it's smart to know everything about your professor before you step in.  Don't be like the rest of the class, just bobbling their heads.

2. If your school has a system where you can view your classes and class websites, head over their now.  If your fortunate enough, track down older websites from the professor your taking.  You might be fortunate to find a syllabus and even old exams to give you an advantage in the classroom.

3.  If your professors block their older websites with passwords, then you might find some luck at looking into old mail archives available on your college system.  You might be lucky enough to find an email message telling the students what the password was.

You can find these tips in a video tutorial if they seem unclear