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Class Sign-Up

Class Sign-Up

Signing up for classes is like shopping during Black Friday Sales.  It's an intense time and at the same time can be confusing to newcomers.  I would like to assume that all schools currently use some form of online system to allow students to register for a course.  If not, well, you'll just have to find some way to deal with it on your own.

Some tips for signing up for classes:

1.  Setup an appointment with your counselor and figure out what classes you need to take your first semester/quarter.

2. Take a look at your school catalog making sure the information your counselor is giving you is consistent.  Counselors do make mistakes, they are human.  Make sure you don't end up wasting a year taking the wrong courses.  A friend of mine happen to fall in that land mine.

3.  Bust out your Google calendar or outlook calendar or whatever calendar you use and start inputting the days and times the classes are offered.  You should do this before your registration window opens.

4. Also make sure to write down class code numbers you'll need during the registration process.

5. Make sure to add back up courses in the event that during registration some classes fill up.  You may also want to jot down alternative discussion section times if you don't get into the one you want.

6. Last but not least, sign up for the MAXIMUM amount of courses allowed based on your units.  Even though your not taking all those classes, its never a bad idea to sign up for more than drop later your first week of school.  The thing is, some classes may or may not work for you.  You may find out the in the syllabus that the class is way to difficult (too demanding).  Well, then you realize you can't drop because you only have the minimum amount of units (any lower you go part-time).  If you signed up for extra classes, you have more flexibility in dropping your courses with little concern over going below units.