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Academic Success

Success at the University is as formulaic as the quadratic formula plus or minus a few unknown variables.  However, if you find yourself struggling in school and you can't diagnose why, take some time to check out these articles/tutorials to find the cure.  I guarantee that if you take some time to follow some of advice that's provided, you will see improvements in your grades.


Your success in college is usually justified by how hard you work as the old adage puts it. Because the more effort you place, the more likely it'll be that you'll succeed.  One thing you should realize is that times have changed.  You can't always expect to make it to the top with shear hard work.  You still have to work hard, but not work so hard till your knees break.  

If your going through school feeling like you have no time for anything.  Your either in class, juggling a job, running a club, and hanging out with friends then your doing way, way too much.  Take some time do read our Time Management articles and tutorials to get a grasp back into your life.  Because quite frankly, being able to manage your time is the foundation of succeeding in school.
Before you jump into a class, it's always important to sneak around a bit (like a Ninja) and do some sleuthing around.  Whether its going to ratemyprofessor.com to find some general evals of a teacher or rather yet, visiting your professor's class website from last year to snag yourself a syllabus and maybe some old exams.  Read up on the article/tutorial, you'll be glad you did.
Professors are always busy researching, grading, and giving lectures, but sometimes its not always a bad idea to pay them a visit at their office hours.  Learn how to take advantage of their 1-2 hour week dedicated to students.  Read up on the article, hopefully you'll be wondering why you got that A- over that B+ you should of gotten.

Sure everybody has heard of Google, but have you really sat down and figured out what Google has to offer to a student.  You might be surprised, but Google has a lot of the tools you can't live without.  If your a student and your not using Gmail, Google Calendar, or even their task list option, you've got be on crack.  Read up on the article and stop living in the dark, you'll be glad you got out of the cave.
Don't skimp on the units before the semester starts.  If your school allows you to register for classes online, alway sign up for the maximum amount of available.  Read up on the article/tutorial to learn more about getting the most of your education.

If you ever want to accomplish something in life, it's advisable you write those goals down ever so often.  Tell your friends, family, and keep it in the back of your mind.  I never thought I'd go sky diving or start a website (like University Ninja), but keep those dreams alive.