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Cheap Textbooks

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Below are four tutorials you can use to find textbooks from free to cheap instead of paying such high prices at your bookstore.  At least one of these methods will guarantee you a MUCH cheaper textbook, maybe even a free one.


Everyday everyone's going more digital.  We use laptops to write our documents more and we even have devices like an Amazon Kindle which can digitally transport thousands of books.  Have you ever conceived the idea of throwing away the heavy textbook and going PDF?

Instead of buying your textbook directly from the bookstore, why not try using third party sites like Amazon.com, half.com, or buddycampus.com.  Using these 3rd party vendors will guarantee you a cheaper textbook.  In some cases you can save over $100's of dollars if you just apply the methods in this tutorial.

The library has been around for hundreds of years, yet as time went by I think we've used it less and less.  It's funny though, while going to college I noticed that many students never use the library for its actual intended use.  Many students just go their study or rather yet, sleep. 

This will probably be the last recommendation for textbook options.  I don't advocate this method, neither do I really support digital versions of books in general.  I'd rather have a copy of a textbook in my hand to read.  Believe me, I've tried both.  However, if you are trying to find a way to save some cash again, this one is the ultimate strategy.  All you need is a camera with a decent pixel rating.