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Save Money on Textbooks by Buying from Third Party Vendors

Instead of buying your textbook directly from the bookstore, why not try using third party sites like,, or  Using these 3rd party vendors will guarantee you a cheaper textbook.  In some cases you can save over $100's of dollars if you just apply the methods in this tutorial.

Things to Consider

  1. You can't find every textbook on sale via the web, however you can still save.
  2. Don't expect to find a pristine new edition of your book for cheap online.
  3. You may have to settle with paperback.
  4. If you settle for an international edition, make sure it has the same content as the normal edition.
  5. Ask your professor if using an older edition of a textbook is okay or if you can do with an older edition and just use the library reserve of the textbook as a reference to new homework problems.

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I've personally been able to save hundreds of dollars by purchasing books from 3rd party vendors.  I do wish I knew about it when I was a freshmen.  If you follow these simple steps you can more than likely save thousands of dollars by the time you graduate.