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Become a Ninja

Building University Ninja on your own can be a really difficult goal. Although ninjas may work by themselves sometimes, occasionally having a team of ninjas is better than one. I've been running University Ninja solo for the past year and it has changed dramatically. Now, I can't pay you for your help, since I really don't make any money on the site. However, it can be a great learning experience and a chance to be a part of something that could grow to become more. So I'm looking for a handful of people to help research, generate ideas for articles, edit articles, and work on advertisement. As of right now, the majority of my articles haven't changed. I've just been modifying them and correcting them for accuracy. However, I need new content.

If you are interested in becoming a Ninja and helping out, please fill the submission form below. You don't have to join the team (and I haven't decided on how I would do that). However, you can submit ideas for articles and or submit articles (you will be credited).

They look into past articles and how to improve them. For example, I wrote an article on how to find PDF versions of textbooks. What you would do is research and find other websites where you can get PDF versions of textbooks. Researchers will also be helpful in finding new content also.

Writing Articles
As an article writer, you'll be focused on developing a well written and well thought out article. You can either use ideas generated by Researchers or you can come up with your own.

This person is focused on finding ways to get University Ninja out there. This could be done in many ways. It could incorporate communicating on Blogs, Forums, and even asking websites for cross-support. In addition, Advertisements would also research new ways to place ads on the website and or generate revenue.

Digital Artist
This person design and creates logos for the website, like the little ninja above. The Digital Artist is also responsible for building a repository of stock free images the team can use to write articles. It may also be a plus if the Digital Artist is also a photographer who can take pictures.

Chief Editor
The editors goal is to ensure that articles are grammar and error spell free. The Editor can go into parts of the website and make corrections.

Want to help?