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The Early Bird Might be Pulling the Short End of the Straw

posted Sep 10, 2009, 11:23 PM by Danny Eusebio

Have you ever wanted to prove to your friends that staying up late was actually good for you. Well now there is actual research that was done by two researchers from the University of Liege in Belgium. Apparently, the early bird, once thought to always get the worm, may not be as appealing anymore. The study done by the researchers looked at two groups of people, those that woke up early and those that woke up late. It was found that those who woke up late versus those that woke up early experience a late-day boost of energy. As a result, waking up later and going through a long day actually gave late risers more energy. Sadly the early risers got no boost of energy.

So now when your friends tell you that you should sleep earlier, you can tell them otherwise.

Follow the article [Scientific American]

My thoughts

I personally get up at 6am in the morning everyday to go to the gym. I find that doing so usually keeps me awake throughout the day when I actually have class. The research given might show that late risers will benefit. However, if you have classes early in the morning, you definitely will bite the dust. And in general I wake up in the morning because I feel there's more to do in the day. I'd rather not wake up at 12pm feeling that a fourth of my day just passed. 

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