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Turn a Buck into a Quarter

Turn a Buck into Quarters

You know how Jesus took water and turned it into wine.  Well, you can do it too.  Ok, I'm kidding, I can show you another trick.

Have you ever been with your friends and you were trying to bargain your way with change.  Maybe someone needed quarters for some reason.  Maybe to use a payphone (if those are still around).  With this nifty trick, you'll be saving yourself a trip to the convenient store only to be sneered at by the cashier.

How to:
  1. Take your crisp dollar bill (maybe even five dollar bill at select locations)
  2. Locate the closest vending machine.
  3. Investigate the machine and make sure all is working
  4. Insert Dollar Bill
  5. Press a soda (just kidding, don't do that)  Well, you probably couldn't buy anything with a dollar in a vending machine.
  6. Instead, press the coin return.
  7. Whole and behold, there are 4 quarters or maybe 3 and change waiting for you in the coin repository.

Problems you might have:
  1. Not all vending machines might have a working dollar slot.  If you're in some shady location, it might be busted because of those neighborhood kids.
  2. Worst case is that the machine has no change in it, and then it can't give you any of your cash back.  At that point your left to just buy something that you can.

Other scenarios to use this:

Let's say you're at an airport and you spot a few vending machines next to each other. You only got 2 bucks on you.  You try and insert your dollar bill to get the gummy bears you've been dying for.  And like your luck being stuck at an airport, the bill won't go in (that's what she said).  You realize then that the machine will only accept change.  

So just do what I've told you, try your dollar bill on the other vending machine (one of them is bound to work), and click the coin return feature.  In no time you'll have the gummy bears and you'll be the idle of all the women or men around you (or the chubby kids around gawking at your idiot attempts at gummy bears.  

Well screw them.  By the way, this is a nifty trick to impress your friends if you ever spot them in this situation.  They'll be asking where'd you learn it from.  You'll probably say I just knew.  Yeah, thanks, you jerk....haha.

Let us know if you have other tight situations you could use this nifty trick.  Maybe it might save a life.