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Quick Laptop/PC Upgrades

Before you jump into the market thinking you need a new laptop.  You might want to first consider whether you just need to make some minor upgrades.  Here are some suggestions before you start trying upgrade:

  1. If your laptop feels sluggish, your laptop might benefit from running your defragment program.  Defragging your computer will help organize all the files in a more productive manner boosting the speed of your computer when it accesses information from the hard drive.
  2. Use some sort of antivirus or spy sweeper to clean off your computer of any weird things on it.  A virus could be slowing your PC down.
  3. Take time to organize your files.  Don't just drop them in the Desktop; it can get very cluttered, very fast.

If you want to upgrade your laptop, there's really only two things you can focus on. 
  1. RAM

Ram is very important on your computer when you want to run a heavy amount of programs, or if your running Windows Vista.  If you have 1GB of memory, I suggest upgrading to 2GB or 4GB if your laptop supports it.  You will see some stark improvements.

Size does matter when it comes to a hard drive.  The smaller the hard drive, the less space you have to work with.  If your laptop has an 80GB hard drive, look into upgrading to a 250GB hard drive.  You'll be glad you got the extra size.

How to upgrade

Your laptop should have come with a manual in how to upgrade your ram or hard drive.  I think Dell is probably the best at this.  They always include a manual with their products so you can upgrade components.  If you can't find the manual, you can always do a search for it online.  You should be able to find an online copy.


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