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Take ALL Your Notes on (1) Page of Paper

posted Sep 10, 2009, 7:16 PM by Danny Eusebio   [ updated Sep 10, 2009, 7:18 PM ]

How many of you spend dollars upon dollars buying cheap paper to take notes on? Probably all of you do. I'm guilty of it as well. How many of you use like 3-5 pages a lecture to take notes in your class? I'd probably raise my hand. Sometimes I use even more if I just write on one side with pen. What if there was a way, and don't get all excited now, that you could fit all your hand written notes on one page, per lecture? With a little bit of ingenuity and handwriting skills, you can definitely pull this trick off. And don't forget, your not doing this for yourself, you're doing it for mother nature and its trees. Imagine how many trees you'll save after you finish college. Probably 2-3 of them.

The idea for this tutorial came up when I was taking a 2.5 hour long engineering class. If I had it my way I would take notes with my laptop. However, writing down equations just isn't as fast on a computer than it would be by hand. So if your in a similar situation, I can show you how to turn your 6-8 pages of notes, into exactly one sheet of paper.

  1. A fine point pen
  2. Good handwriting skills
  3. (1) Sheet of white copy paper folded in half hot dog style.

The only way this strategy will work is if you have superb penmanship. Unfortunately, if you are sloppy and write large, then it will be difficult to squeeze in all your notes into one page.

How it works

Normally when we take notes on a line page of paper, we have separation based on grid lines that are predetermined. As a result, we follow and write in between the lines. We also have margins that are sort of left as areas to add notes later in (especially that top section), but it honestly doesn't serve any larger purpose. When you write out notes on one whole front page, you leave a good percentage of that sheet blank. I'm willing to say almost 30-40%. Now, if you reduce your writing size and split the page in half, you'll actually fill up more of the area. At the end, your using about 90-95% of the white space.

As you can see from the image, I've split the paper in half. I took notes starting from the left hand side, then going on to the right hand side. When you start to do this, you'll notice that you fill up more of the paper. Notice I've eliminated the margins on the sides and the top. I use that space to write notes. I know that the writing might be small for most, but it honestly isn't too bad. If you have bad handwriting then this route may not be the best for you.


So if you want to be that cool guy or gal that walks into class with one sheet of paper and one pen, and leave class using that one sheet, then this is for you. Trust me, this will keep your binder less cluttered with notes. Also, you'll keep yourself from losing your documents with less of it to carry. Now if your in a class where you can use your laptop, then obviously use your laptop. This tutorial is good for courses where you don't have that luxury.