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Easily Become a World Record Holder

posted Sep 14, 2009, 11:10 AM by Danny Eusebio

Have you ever wanted to set a World Record but didn't want to deal with contacting Guinness and going through all that hoopla? Well, its even easier than before and now there's practically an unlimited category of areas you can set a record in. A new website called the Universal Record Database offers anyone the opportunity to set their own record in anything they want as well as topple records of other ones already established. So instead of having official judges stand in to witness these records, you, the audience, are the real judge of it. What are you waiting for visit the website and start setting your own World Records.

Visit them at:

I stumbled on the site after listening to my first BBLiveShow yesterday. Whether it was seeing someone eat the most skittles in a second or the most slaps on the face, I thought it would be awesome to share with the University Ninja audience. If you plan to set any records of yourself, please let us know at University Ninja, and we'd be happy to let everyone know.