After being in college for a while, you learn a few tricks of the trade. Maybe you know where to print for free on campus or even park for free. Yet not everybody knows those secrets and maybe not everyone should. However, I wanted to build a website where we could collaborate and share that information with you. I was tired of keeping useful information to myself and I thought that students like yourself would find it useful.

Being highly involved in academic outreach programs, I've always sought on developing some way to help students entering college. In particular, I wanted to target first generation college students who don't have the insights in Universities as their counterparts would have. I thought it would be a great way to build a website to teach and make individuals knowledgeable about tools and info that will be invaluable once in college. Not to mention, the website is a great place to learn how to save and earn money.

If you are a struggling student out there, then this site is probably something up your ally. I won't admit it'll change your life for the better, it will however give you the edge that you might be needing in life. If you love the website, please tell your friends.

Danny Eusebio
Founder of University Ninja