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The Apple iPad: My Thoughts, Uses, and Arguments for it

posted Jan 28, 2010, 9:15 PM by Danny Eusebio   [ updated Feb 3, 2010, 7:15 PM ]

I just want to throw my two cents into the Apple iPad. I don’t care if you read this; I just want to lay out my thoughts. As a bonus, I’ll throw in how I think this device will change education. So if you care to read on into the device that kept Apple Fanboys and tech enthusiast on ice, feel free to continue. On the other hand, I’m sure you can get your daily dose of Apple Fanboyism from many other sources.

 I got my first Apple product not too long ago, almost 2 years to be exact. I purchased the item as a pre-gift for myself for signing my life away to go skydiving. I thought at the time, well, if my chute doesn’t open, I might as well have spent a week playing with one of the most tech saavy devices on Earth (at the time). My exposure to the product came at intervals. I met friends, acquaintences, and strangers who had the device. Usually my first question was, “Do you like it?” Most individuals I asked gave positive reviews. Can I touch it?

The tactile features of this device are probably the biggest selling point of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch line. I do not think, without a doubt, that without such an engaging and beautiful piece of engineering would I have actually considered purchasing one. Anyway, I bought into the fantasy, the Pandora. My first Apple product was the 2nd generation iPod Touch. How do I use it now?

I have a thought that any device that claims to do multitudes of tasks is lying to the masses. At the essense of any multicapable devices out there, the origin, the core of that products strength, will be what most people use it for after the fanfare and candle are out. For example, the iPod touch touts to be a device that can connect you to the internet, play music, play videos, and utilize a slew of applications and games. My iPod touch has been a great app for email, facebook, and staying connected to the internet. Somehow I don’t use the maps features or youtube or many of the games that developers are outputting.  Don’t get me wrong, there are great games out there, but I don’t claim to use my device for it.

At the core, the iPod touch plays music and video very well like its earlier kin. It runs a browser exceptionally well for its size, and email is dealt with effectively, but not efficiently. I still use it, but my love for it slowly wanes. This device, for all its pennies in worth, does almost what it touted to accomplish. Yet it is at the core of the individual to decide what to make of it. And so, we move on to the iPad hysteria and anti-iPad militia that’s beginnging to form. Here’s my thought on it.

When the last Apple Event opened up some months ago, everyone was expecting a possible new device. The iTablet or something of that name is what everyone figured it’d be called. Did it show up? No. Were there any signs to its development and creation? Not the least. As humans, and beings who can delve and expand our imaginations, we fell in love with the Apple iPhone/iTouch. That Apple, bringing such great devices would tout a new and evolutionary product at hand.

Some speculate that the product was built as a result from rumours. The ongoing rumours themselves perpetuated the production of the device only to satiate the desires of the public. Of course, when people want something so badly, we normally get what we want. Or did we?

The Apple iPad is a somwhat large rectangular (4:3) device. It’s smaller than a magazine, but small enough to comfortably hold into your hands. It’s a device that essentially does all the things and Ipod Touch can do except on a larger scale. But to call it an overgrown iPod would be disrespectful to the amazing feats this device has already embarked on setting.


The Amazon Kindle was touted as a device that could be used to help students carrying their entire textbook collection into this one device. I’m talking about the larger Kindle by the way. Early research said it lacked the ability to take notes and it didn’t feel overwhelmingly useful over conventional books. The iPad can soon change that.

The shear contrast and color of the device offers a rich experience, one that couldn’t be tarnished by a e-ink display. Applying notes and bookmarks will probably be even easier, maybe even more fun in some way. Now, let’s hope McGraw Hill can correct its mistakes and have them back on board with Apple to share their products. Reading books just isn’t the half of it.

Going online on a device such as the iPad will make life so much easier. I love the iPod touch mobility to surf the net, but the small screen can take its toll. Being able to read and digest information in a more native size can be a good thing probably for both the body and your eyes. Imagine, your sitting with your friends and someone brings something up no one knows about.  Bamn, bust out your iPad, make a search on the net, and you got a device that can display media and text to a larger group of people. It’ not as portable as its smaller sibling, but it’s the size that counts.

I wanted to use my iPod touch as a device to replace bringing my laptop to class. However, trying to utilize my iPod touch to read PDF documents was a mess. It was just too small to effectively look at anything. Now, I can have a device next to me that can display documents much more clearly and effectively. And if you’re worried about catching all the words in class, there’s a built in mic.

The iPad, although webcam-less, adds a mic. The mic will let you record lecture or any important things you need. There’s a ton of other reasons why this device will be amazing, but let me jump into some of the arguments.


The iPad doesn’t have an SD card slot. Yeah, it doesn’t. Live with it. It’s there product and they obviously made a design choice to ensure that their product remains profitable. Surely if I could embed a 32GB SDHC card, I’d lack a reason to buy the 64GB model. Yeah, Apple needs to make money. Money will encourage them to design new products.

The iPad doesn’t have HDMI. Well, the device is a Pad, like a legal pad and when did you ever think of connecting it to your HDTV. Honestly I would like it, but hey, it’s their product and for whatever reason it wasn’t included.

How can I play my web videos without Flash? Now this one was somewhat annoying. I mean, its been 2-3 years now since lack of flash was brought to the attention of iPhone users. But I mean, we’ve learn to live without. I don’t think after the past 3 generations of iPhone devices that people are still clammering about missing flash. In addition, the incoporation of html 5 and video providers moving onto that support will nonetheless stop Adobe in its track.

No front facing camera. Seriously, what’s with the obsession with a camera? The device was designed to be used in a particular way. While you’re sitting down on a couch its sort of angled in a way, or when you’re using it in a meeting, its probably flat down or slightly tilted up. I don’t think the device was necessarily designed for you to hold it infront of your face while you video conferenced the entire time. Again, why would you expect to video chat while you have the device on your lap. Your caller doesn’t want to see your nose hairs.

Of course I think these features would be great, instead of people having to use dongles to incorporate their devices. Even the USB device that’s no where to be found was a must have for folks.

As I mentioned, we tend to imagine a product right for us, a product to have all the bells and whistles. I mean, if you’ve been following Apple, you know they never throw everything onto the table. It would eliminate the 2nd generation of a product. Let Apple have its fanfare and millions from this device. More than likely, the owner will find a purpose that suits his or her needs.

Will I buy one?

When I have money and I’ve made a clear list of all the uses that it can have for me. This might equate into the second generation iPad.