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Learn to Find Free Food on Campus

posted Sep 4, 2009, 7:33 PM by Danny Eusebio

Usually its the aroma of something tasty that wafts the air or the clock striking twelve or maybe its just the fact that you haven't ate anything that is making your stomach rumble. You look down at your stomach :( hoping to feed it soon. So you look at your wallet hoping to find something to buy food with, but you remember that you have to pay rent really soon. So you sit down on a bench thinking of where you can find food. You look at the dumpster for a second almost believing its a buffet. You take a walk through some lecture hall and you notice food lying around. No one's watching it. You grab a bagel, a cookie, and some juice. You leave walking away feeling proud to have fed yourself for the next 6 hours. I know here at University Ninja we try to help those of you save money, but if you are in need of finding free food (and I hope to god you aren't in this situation), will show you how.

  1. Whenever you have speakers/guest lecturers on campus, there is a good chance that there's free food. Usually you can go to your school website to track down speakers, but if your school website is hardly updated, you'll never find this information. What you want to do is visit departmental heads like Biology, Math, English, and etc. Usually at these specific departments, they have speakers who are scheduled to come for the semester. What you want to do is locate this information by snooping around. Once you find this information, write down the dates and times.
  2. Clubs and organizations always serve food at their meetings (or they try to). If you are not fond of participating in organizations, then you might benefit from club hopping to find food. I mean, there are a lot of campus organizations, so finding food at their meetings wouldn't be difficult. You can usually use the class website to find information on the organizations and their meeting times. If you can't, then I'm sure there's some place on campus that has information on organizations.
  3. Parties are also another great place to get free food and drinks. You usually need to be somewhat connected to get invited. But hey, you love crashing parties anyway. So, look around and ask around (maybe you can stalk some parties on Facebook). Throw your face in at the door and just hope someone thinks they recognize you.


I really hope you aren't struggling this bad. If you are though, will have some other articles up to help you learn where to buy food for cheap.