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How to Speed Up a Slow Moving Class

posted Sep 4, 2009, 7:38 PM by Danny Eusebio   [ updated Sep 4, 2009, 8:19 PM ]

If you're like the everyday college student, then you wish class went by as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes you get stuck in a class for 1.5 hours or even worse 3 hours. Usually anyone can tolerate a 50 minute class, but for some reason, anything longer that 50 minutes seems like eternity. Well, in this article will hand you some nifty strategies you can use to speed up the clock. Trust me, if I could get a time machine I would, but it's probably in beta somewhere in NASA. You can however, use mind over matter to speed up the clock. I mean, time is all relative isn't it?

This is all from experience, but see if you can follow my thought process. So lets say last winter you knew your parents were going to buy you a brand new car for Christmas (lucky you). However, since they told you so soon, you had a whole month left till you could have your new car. If you're human (and not bloody rich), then you'll feel some type of internal discomfort. A feeling of "is it here yet, is it here yet." The anticipation causes you to mentally perceive time to the second. In addition, you end up following each day by the minute. Now imagine if your parents never told you that you'd get a car for Christmas. But instead, they surprise you on Christmas eve. At that point you've considerably reduce the internal discomfort of waiting. Instead of feeling a month's worth of discomfort, you feel almost nothing at all. The same can be applied to your classroom.

  1. Don't look at the clock, for the love of all hamsters do not look at the clock. Imagine the clock like your parents. The moment you veer into it, you can instantly calculate when you'll depart from class. A good way to help yourself is to stay away from its view and ignore it.
  2. Concentrate on the lecture by sitting up in the front and staying focused on the professor. It sounds counterintuitive to your daily ritual, but if you stay focused on something, you'll forget about the clock and the time will hopefully slip by.
  3. Avoid any way of giving yourself a method of calculating time. This includes but is not limited to, using a portable device or your laptop.


If you decide to distract yourself using an iPod or computer, then it'll be easy to get through class. However, you'll probably screw up with your grade by not paying attention to lecture. I mean, you did come to class for a reason right? If you feel the need to completely ignore the professor, then you best just stay home.