Apple has done it again folks. They've literally taken the guts of their iPhone 4 and placed them all into an iPod Touch body. Now mind you, the GPS and telephone aspect might be lacking, but seriously, this is what we've been waiting for. Almost two years ago, when the second generation iPod Touch had the ability to use the mic feature, endless possibilities were realized. We came to a point where people could make phone calls just using their iPod Touch via Skype. Now, Apple has made that dream even easier. I dare say it, but I think the Apple iPod Touch, with its built in mic, front and back cameras, may just have become the newest iPhone Killer.

I won't bore you with the details of the new iPod Touch, you can find all of it on the Apple Website. However, the most notable aspects to point out are not only the beefier A4 processor, but the ability to take photos and HD videos. Although you might be willing to forgo the less than stunning camera, you have to admit, being able to take 720p video is a nice step up. Because of the less than stellar image quality on the camera, you may not want to toss your digital camera just yet. On the other hand, you might consider tossing your expensive data plan.

The iPod Touch finally crossed the boundaries of being a phone. Although it may not have 3G or Edge at it's whims, wireless Internet is becoming just as accessible. As more homes, universities, and businesses make wireless widely available, using this device as a phone may not be out of reach. And it's at this point, the iPod Touch will stop the iPhone 4. Finally, the college student can save money once again.

Instead of paying exuberant phone fees, why not downgrade or sidegrade or smartgrade into this new iPod Touch. If you're a college student, and find yourself on campus most of the time, you'll be in reach of wireless internet at all times. You can take advantage of the built in mic or even use FaceTime to communicate with friends and family. You no longer need that ear-bud mic combo that runs you $30 to talk over the iTouch. Next, you can change into a Pay-As-You-Go plan. Obviously you'll need a backup phone for emergencies, as VoIP services do not allow you to call 9-1-1. Secondly, Internet may not be available everywhere when you need to make a call.

I don't think this device will run the iPhone 4 into the ground, it may even help propel it. However, it is safe to assume, that the iPod Touch line and the iPhone 4 boundaries are beginning to blur.