Manage Time

If there's any component in your life that you need to fine tune, it has to be time management.  If you can't manage your time, don't expect to be able to accomplish everything you wanted to do.  I'm not here to give you the gist of anything and everything about managing your time, but I'm here to lay out some points.

Sometimes we forget something on our imaginary to-do-list.  It's usually caused by lack of desire to put together a calendar and task list to help you remember.  Usually we get so good that we can remember our schedule and task.  However, you can't always expect to commit everything to memory.  I guarantee you, that you will forget meetings, you will forget assignments, and you might just miss something important.  Whether you like to write an agenda out or you like to do everything digitally, it's important you choose a method to remember your day to day task.

I advise using a digital agenda over a paper based one or you will find yourself spending hours writing things down in something that could easily get lost and destroyed.  Here's a tip.  Invest in buying an iPod Touch or using a Blackberry to manage your schedule.  You'll be glad you did.

Please check out the tutorial to learn more how to put together your school agenda in google calendar.  You'll see how easy it is and how useful it'll be for you too see your entire schedule.