Academics 101

College isn't easy. I'll tell you that now. If you're not careful, you could easily fall in the cracks. I've seen it happen and it almost happen to me. Friends dropping majors, friends dropping out, and even friends just giving up. If you're not careful about how you face college, you could end up spending the best days of your life sulking in the aftermath of poor grades, poor exam results, and lack of degree. Here in Academics 101, I give you quick crash course in some fundamental ideas and tips that will help make sure you stay on top of your game while your in school. Trust me, if you feel like the average college student, then you'll definitely find some use of these examples. 

So stop stressing out so much and learn some great examples of how I managed to stay afloat in school. Now some tips may not resonate or work for you, but most should be applicable. Definitely check out the articles on getting classes for the semester and ways to calculate your grade. They seem rather obvious, yet so fundamentally important.